Joy illustration

They teach us from young to be young dumb and living off mum and to walk past the homeless man you see on the street and to consider him a bum. When he asks you directly have you got any change? We pull back, out of close range and say sorry this is the last of my change. They publicise television programmes that promote sex and binge drinking in daylight hours but when it comes to nightly hours and teenagers practice what they’ve seen preached they ridicule us and consider the youth too far out of reach. We live in a world where double standards are taught and most people don’t stop to spare a thought. A world where if we publicise how much we hate love and trust but yet we go out searching for lust. We live in a world where we don’t care for one another and we don’t regard each other as sister or brother. We live in a world where democracy is dead and people rather than hear the truth follow the lies of the misled. I hope one day we’ll wake up and see the reality because a lack of knowledge causes society an excruciatingly deep fatality.

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