It’s like a tidal wave,

My mind is going to cave,

Turns to a hurricane,

The echo clouds my brain… and it starts to rain


Suppressing the problem is fickle

My eyes began to trickle

I pretend that I’m fine

But the echo of “are you okay” brings me to end of the line


Is an echo an escape?

Or is it cape?

Masking the true problem

A cacophony of noise turned solemn


Demons don’t play well with others

They infest souls and the echo makes people suffer

It extends the melancholy melody… this can last a lifetime

Bad memories add to the symphony (depression is not sublime)


Why play foolish games of dress up?

Reality is piercingly fearsome

The echo is not a fashionable frock

Negative nostalgia is pretty gruesome


The pavilion of discovery is like fine wine

Its glass begins to shine

So bright the glass shatters

The echo of negative nostalgia scatters


I won’t hold my breath

Because there is nothing left

The echo now…is severely broken

The resonance of positive nostalgia spoken



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