My old friend

“Hello darkness, my old friend”

It’s nice to be together again

To feel the safeness you’ve once given me

To feel my soulstar healing

I have many stories to tell

But all of one love, once again.

A love that made me whole

But left me more broken than before.

A love that made my heart beat lively

But it was just shouting for aid while he was carving into it.


He was enough for me

But I was not enough for his being,

For I was not worthy

Enough for him to love only me.


He promised to keep me safe.

Now it’s empty as he stole its grace.

He lied until the end in a beautiful way

And broke all the promises he has made.


He was my northern star

That shone brightly on my sky

Which I thought I could blindly trust

But the only path he made me walk

Blindfolded, I was condemned to a lonely one

Until I heard your call and realised who he was.


Help me my old friend

As love killed my soul again.

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