Knock, Knock


“Knock, knock”

I feel cold. Maybe because of my agitated sleep. My blanket is on the floor. I’ve had some terrible nights since I moved.

“Knock, knock”

It’s already 8 am. Maybe I should answer. I feel so tired, like I didn’t even sleep. My legs are so heavy and I can barely walk.

“Knock, knock”

It’s seems like it takes so long to reach the door.

“Knock, knock”

‘Morning miss’, a familiar voice says, ‘Please sign here.’

I know this voice from somewhere, but I can’t remember from where.

‘Thank you.’

I didn’t even respond. My brain was too slow to process what’s going on.

I take the parcel and close the door.

I wonder what I’ve received. This parcel is lighter than I thought.

I head to the couch and turn on the TV to see the news.

“A 26 year old man has escaped last night from Westwood Prison… If you see this man, please contact the police…”

I wasn’t paying attention. I wanted to see what’s in the box. As I open the box, I see what looks like my old teddy bear. Old, dusty, forgotten. I loved him so much when I was little.

When I remember that there is no post on Sunday, I start freaking out. There was a note attached to its back. As I read it, tears start to stream down my face and my heart starts beating faster.

“Missed me?”

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