Silly Child

Oh you silly child.

To think that I’d give you love

After what you did to her

The one to blame for her death

Is you and only you

Because all that’s left now is a faint memory.


I still remember the funeral of her,

Feeling the presence of death,

Knowing it came for her because of you.

Because the birth of a child,

Made her think it would bring happiness and love,

But after all these years, she’s only a dear memory.


How did she think that you

Would be forever better than her?

Even if you are the resemblance of her memory

You still can’t truly receive my love

Because the existence of you, child

Led to my love’s death.


No matter how hard you want my love

You will never have what I gave her

The happiness I had died with her death

Because of one child

A living memory,

Unfortunately, just you.


I know you desire motherly affection, child

But I can’t have what I had from her,

The happiness that taunts me from her memory.

Things like affection, love –

Disappeared with her death

And the one to blame is you and only you.


Your father doesn’t know about this love

And he will never know about me and her

Because in his eyes I’m more important than you.

He tries to forget his so called love

But I, since her death,

Still hold on tight to her memory.


You will never tell him child

That I loved her and only her

And the one remaining to suffer is you.

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