This Sinister House

What do you think I look like?

I was staying in this sinister house

The house that is now my prison

It is like I’ve been arrested for my beauty in my own castle.


All my memories are embraced by this castle

I’m wearing a crown instead of handcuffs in a beauty prison

What does he look like?

He took everything from me when he put me in this sinister house


He said, fall in love and you will escape from this sinister house

But only the rose can open the door of the prison.

I used to be liked

But now I only speak to Mrs Potts, my only friend in the castle.


I can hear sounds through the walls of the castle

So I look out through the windows of this sinister house

And contemplate how I had felt liked

Now, I am blocked in prison.


I tried the rose to escape from prison

What does the lock look like?

The lock has to be the Prince of the castle

He is the one who will break the spell on this sinister house


He is the only one who will get me out from this sinister house

He doesn’t have the rose to open the prison.

What does freedom look like?

Can you find love when you are trapped in a castle ?


Will he stay with me in the castle?

What does his love feel like?

Will he want me to get out of this prison?

My rose will wither and I will be left in this sinister house.






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