Can you still hear me?

 Can you still hear me?

Because I can’t.

I can’t hear your voice –

the voice that called my name over and over.


You’d call me even if I was there beside you.

Maybe you were scared that I’d leave you, and so

I calmed you with just two words: I’m here!


These two words kept you grounded to our world.

In that world, I was your little girl.


Look at me now, in my own world,

where I keep saying: I’m here!

but my words are taken away by the wind.


There is no one to hear them,

no one to answer.


The sun still rises, and

the same people move around me.

The same words are said.

The difference – we don’t live in the same world anymore.


Mom, do you know that I need you?

My soul needs you.

It cries for you and your calm voice.


You could never let me go.

You didn’t want to be alone.

You didn’t want me to leave you.

The two words were just security

that I’d be there.


You can’t be scared to lose me anymore – the loss was mine.

Can I leave and not tell someone where

and in which direction I will take?


You can’t hear me anymore, can you?


So can I leave now?



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