I’ve grown from the past

I’ve grown from the past

So every time I look into the glass

I see myself, funny how when I need

Help I’ve got none but myself.

Love my girl to the point where I’d risk my health

But it’s ok – I never stood a chance

Dance with the devil and I never should’ve danced.

16 year old black boy with braces

Who won’t ever be defined by these racists

How could you hate me for being me?

14 years old I saw myself with no future

So I decided to stop acting and take my mask off.

Time passed on and I realised all the fake people

Around still had their masks on.

I struggled to speak my mind, but

I wanted us to start getting along.

I wanted God to break me from these chains

And crush all these devilish bonds

But I’m not James.

Imagine a beautiful girl who could take you to hell

Just for lusting after her.

I call that a Jezebel but you should know me well

I don’t plan on it but

I already know I’ve taken my L.

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