I didn’t care.

Influenced by others who didn’t share,

begged and showed attention to others

who were never there.


But now I’m here,

asking for my 5 thousandth chance.

My face lights up as soon as I get a glance

of my baby –

I mean my lady – because you’ve matured

into one.


I doubted I’d ever turn into the Mr you want,

so I turned to God and he spoke.

Rain fell on my face like the tears that

rolled down from yours.


Yes, I am trying to win your heart.

Yes, it is a race, but I’m in my own lane,

so I’ll fall in love at my own pace.


You can turn away from me,

but please don’t say ‘No’ to me.

My love for you us too big for HD,

but too small for HQ


I’ve planned my entire future with you,

so if I die rich,

all my earning return to you.


Look at all the bridges I burnt for you,

I won’t stop and I’ll be damned

if I don’t fight for you.


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