2018 Creative Arts Events with WeMove and H6FC Art & Media Departments

Haringey Unchained and WeMove Showcase & Magazine Launch

We launched our 3rd volume of the magazine, a bumper edition that is 20 pages longer than previous editions and printed in full colour, on the 5th July. Our partnership with Middlesex University enabled us to develop the magazine in ways we didn’t think possible!

We would like to thank Middlesex University staff and students for their commitment to the project.

In addition to our editorial department producing and performing dramatic readings for their published poems, our magazine launch also featured performances by dance professionals who have supported WeMove over the last few years, including alumni students who have gone onto work professionally in the field: Glitchdance company, M2K Dance company and Monsters dance company.

We were also able to work with a group of enthusiastic year 8 students from Gladesmore School who came to both our magazine launch and the H6FC Art Exhibition’s private viewing at Ally Pally (see below) to present a dance piece that incorporated one of our Haringey Unchained writer’s poems.

“It was lovely seeing you and the students. What an absolutely amazing show!!! We thoroughly enjoyed it. And the magazine looks fantastic.”

Dr Anna Charalambidou, Programme Leader for BA English and Senior Lecturer in English Language, at the Media Department of Middlesex University

“I want to congratulate you on the showcase tonight. You were all fantastic. I’ve been reading the work in the new anthology over the last few weeks and it was a real thrill to see and hear the poems come off the page on such a vibrant and powerful way. A lot of the images in the work have already embedded themselves in me for posterity.”

John Canfield, MA Manager, Poetry School

Haringey Unchained and WeMove were honoured to collaborate with the school’s Art and Media departments to organise and execute an event in celebration of the arts provision at Haringey 6th Form College. The partnership was led by Florina Iosif and supported by a team of staff from the art department including: Rachel Hamblin, Francis Ives and John Osmotherly.

Haringey 6th Form College End of Year Art Exhibition – Private Viewing

The college art exhibition showcased a spectrum of exciting and ambitious work from those studying on the college’s popular and creative A-Level and Level 3 courses. Students were taught professional skills and encouraged to experiment extensively with materials and techniques in response to their own research and investigation into the work of other artists.

The work exhibited in the Transmitter Room of Ally Pally reflected this skilful and innovative ethos and spanned disciplines of fine art painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and sculpture, fashion and textiles, graphic design and illustration, 3D design and animation.

The week-long exhibition of this work ran from the 3rd July to the 11th July and saw over 350 members of the community coming to share in our students’ work. The exhibition culminated in an incredible private view that had an audience of governors, outside stakeholders, students, staff, family and friends. Some of our visitors have even registered their interest in purchasing some of the students’ work. How exciting for our young creatives to know their work will be displayed in someone’s home.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Artwork by Tisha Pitkin
  • Tisha Pitkin – won first place for her series of 9 three dimensional canvases pictured here that move from a deep crevice form sunken into the canvas through to a flat canvas and finally a protruding form with degrees of change between each piece.
  • Emile Wilson – won the community engagement prize for his work with the North Middlesex Hospital Rainbow Ward mural.
  • Ali Mohammed – won a Zara Collis Runner up prize. He exhibited a group of sophisticated sculptures showing objects trapped in plaster blocks.
  • Alexeen Fernandez – was selected for the Royal Academy of Art 2018 Online Exhibition for her portrait panting of a powerful young woman comfortable in her own skin. She was presented with her certificate at the private view.

Comments from our visitors

“Some very impressive pieces of work here!”

“Amazing work! Our children from Lancasterian Primary School enjoyed the varied styles of work – very inspirational. “

“Well done. Great to be able to interpret pieces.”

“Came last year – have been looking forward to seeing all your work again and was certainly not disappointed by this year’s offering.”

“Amazing work. Loved the exhibition – so much creativity and fun.”

“Very mature work for such young artists. It would be lovely to know more about the artists – and their aims and ambitions.”

Haringey Unchained Supports the Art Show

Haringey Unchained, along with the WeMove dancers and year 8 students from Gladesmore School, celebrated the work of the artists on display by performing pieces in the exhibition space during the private viewing. These performances had been inspired by the art itself and were also performed the previous day at the Haringey Unchained magazine launch and WeMove Dance showcase (see above).

We would like to thank our sponsors at Alexandra Palace, Selco, Tottenham Gammar School Foundation Somerset Grant and individuals who supported our ‘Go Fund Me’ page for helping make this exhibition, and the private viewing, possible.

Behind Closed Doors/ Where They From?

WeMove immersive dance event

A youth dance and physical theatre production, developed by WeMove Dance at Haringey Sixth Form College in collaboration Gladesmore Community School.

It saw ten young dancers, aged 13 – 15, coming together to explore the myths and realities of living in Tottenham in 2018.

The performers were supported by Dance Leadership students and staff from Haringey Sixth Form College, along with professional dancers in the fields of hip hop and contemporary dance, to devise a 45 minute piece designed to “send the audience on a roller coaster of emotions” (Year 9 performer).

Coverage of the event

Testimonials from Haringey Unchained

“After months of hard work and dedication to our Haringey Unchained magazine, it was very rewarding to share our art with such welcoming audience members. The launch show as well as the art show allowed us all to reflect back to our own art and draw inspiration from the ones we were lucky enough to see. By being surrounded by such talented artists, we all felt honoured and proud of not only our work, but also those who contributed to our success.”


“Both the art show and the magazine launch were phenomenal, as art was shared in the forms of poetry, dance and paintings. It was amazing to see how forms can intersect to really emphasise the talents expressed in a way that is not only entertaining but also powerful. The efforts put in by everyone was evident and I am proud to have been a part of them.”


“The launch show allowed us as Haringey Unchained members to show everyone our hard work and creativity; it was absolutely thrilling to see our work alive!”


“Although initially nerve-racking, these shows were a lot of fun. It was really cool to see all the months put into working on the magazine, from listening to submissions, to submitting my own art, being displayed in dramatic performance pieces, especially with the dance collaborations, that just enhanced the experience overall.”