2019 Magazine Launch

In 2019, John Canfield (The Poetry School) and Lina Charki (SOAS University of London) volunteered their time to deliver an incredible curriculum of creative writing workshops for the students of Haringey Unchained.

Lina was also simultaneously serving as the lead Editor from SOAS, accumulating submissions from her university peers and colleagues. The outcome of all that work was our biggest and most professionally produced magazine yet.

This was also a year marked by Haringey Unchained winning the 2019 Sixth Form College Association’s Enrichment and Employability Award. We had a lot to celebrate. With the help of WeMove for the fifth year in a row, current students and alumni members of both enrichments organised and hosted a showcase of the year’s efforts and work. The groups spent two days transforming the first floor atrium into a show stage, working together. With the imagination and support of Dan Want, Leigh, John Mansfield and the facilities team, and our fabulous technician Alan Walden, the finished space helped facilitate our best show yet.

Alongside dramatic readings from our Haringey Unchained writers and editorial team, the show featured a series of dance performances created by young people as part of WeMove projects. 

The show started with a bold and energised performance from Haringey Sixth Form’s Entry and Foundation students, whose dancing set off the whole event with a tone of celebration and the fearlessness of young people.

We had two powerful dance and song performances from all-girl Year 8 and 9 groups from Gladesmore School, who were supported by Year 10 leadership students and their Haringey Sixth Form dance mentors.  We also had a lively and dynamic performance from the Year 8 boys of Harris Academy Tottenham, which brought the house down! Further pieces showcasing the work of young men in dance included an intergenerational boys piece choreographed by WeMove graduate teacher Robbie Eloni, and a slick duet from internationally acclaimed dance duo M2K, aka Haringey Sixth Form and WeMove alumni Mohamed Yahya and his partner Will Kelly. A final beautiful piece was a contemporary dance solo by Shernelle Kirwan, set to a live reading of a poem by Haringey Unchained alumni, Lina Charki.

And of course, none of the performances would have been possible without the fantastic WeMove teaching, creative and pastoral team: Chanelle Hall, Christopher Bean, Jeneen Bucnkor-Smartt, Robbie Eloni, Fumy Opeyemi, Pauline Fearon, Tequila Inico and Alan Walden.

The students from all groups and schools tirelessly rehearsed their performance pieces, supporting each other throughout the day. In front of our largest crowd EVER, almost 75 people, the students performed almost two hours of creative arts pieces. We also had the help of a team of H6FC staff.

A Selection of Readings

Our Writers

A Selection of Dances

Our Dancers

Photographs and videos by Faalia Sufi, SOAS student

Staff List

Mahdi Ghali, Teneisha Dennis, Alberta Frimpong

H6 Student Leaders

Kiera Robinson Brown, Niesha Montia, Priscilla Asamoah, Candy Obiro and Esther Olabinjo