Comfort from a Stranger*

You wrap your arms around my trembling body,

My breathing begins to sync with yours.

You hold me for some time,

And I cannot speak to tell you how grateful I am.

So I hold onto you like I’m gripping onto life, and my breathing feels warm,

It has stopped attacking me.

I let you go, and you loosen your hold.

I gaze into your eyes, and I realise why I found comfort.

You had beautiful brown, sad eyes, that’s why my breathing was able to trust you.

Tears stream down my face,

I know my expression was that of a lost puppy.

So you watched my face looking for some sort of reassurance that I was okay,

Because I think you were panicking too,

You thought it was asthma.

How I wish it was.

That has a cure.

But this was a panic attack.

So those blissful moments pass, and I wipe my face.

I stare at you once more, because I want to remember you, I take it all for what it is.

I crack a smile, and tell you I’m fine, your concerned face replies and says to me that it doesn’t not believe me.

But I don’t need it too, I just need you to hear it so you know that you helped.

I walk away, and you follow and then let me disappear around the corner.

I hope I see you again.

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