I Can’t Breath*

How can they call it the country of the free and the country of the brave if the people can’t voice their own opinions?

I mean – we’re at a time where racism should be demolished, yet we see it every day in the streets of the USA.

New York city, a place I dream of going, but when I see the shared videos of police brutality, a single tear rolls down my face from their hate and abuse of power.

Eric Garner, an innocent man, who’d had enough.

Enough of the harassment

Enough of the discrimination

Enough of the pain.

I can’t breath,

I can’t breath,

I can’t breath, from the shock, the shock of living in a world where safe isn’t even in our vocabulary.

When safe used to come after police but instead of them creating a better place, they create more hate.

It’s a disgrace. It’s wrong; we’re the same people, equal.

What about Sandra Bland, I mean I still don’t understand. Was it planned?

Treated like an animal and arrested for no reason, yet she killed herself even though she knew her rights, which she kept repeating.

Is this how we are treated, by the ones we call when needed?

We looked up to you and I remember I wanted to be you but when did you become so cruel? This is the world’s view and we saw through all your badges and armour and prestige. You think you have and we saw you for who you really are and know this – you are so far from gaining our respect.


You’re meant to protect; we are the innocents not your suspects.

We need justice and the world to come together, to fight for each other and love one another because we are human, we are family, we are one and even though I come from the UK,  I feel obliged to stand up for my brothers and sisters in the USA.

Because hate crime is never okay.

We need the strength to rise up for what is right, despite the fear they’ve injected in us because the light is so near…

So let’s fight.

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