Valiant Heroes

A ray of light dyes the sky red

War has come

When war breaks free

All of Midgard quakes

The seas of hades turn,

Welcoming their new arrivals,

But I shall not falter.


When war breaks free

I am there

On the battlefield

Brave men and women

Fight valiantly, with valour and vigour.

O, brave women fight

Kill, stab them with your sword

Kill them with your axes,

Kill them with your daggers and arrows,

If not, pummel them with your fist.


When your spirit trips and death comes,

I’ll open thy’rn hand arm and welcome

Thy soul to rest

In Valhalla at last.


Rest o valiant hero

Until Ragnarok comes.

Then we rise up, because

War has come.

We shall fight.


With our hearts and soul bared

We shall fight.

Fight with our fists,

Fight with our swords,

Fight with our axes,

Fight with our arrows,

Fight with our daggers,

Fight until death comes.


We will show them

The wrath of god

In all its fury.


To welcome death,

We shall annihilate evil,

Then we shall rest.


Make it known,

The wrath of the Valkyries.

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