Moses’ Song

Inspired by Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners


I’m still grinding on the same roads,

tryna dodge the snakes in them plain clothes,

I was tryna find my way home,

but got lost up on the way bro,


This my letter to the colonisers,

they took away tradition now we feeling priceless,

thinking to myself is this really worth it,

not tryna paint you an image that is picture perfect,


I can tell the truth beneath their lies,

there’s a different story behind each eye,

I packed up my bags and left the mother land behind,

they took away my chances filled my soul with fire,


And when they see u black they think they know ur story,

travelled across the globe to make it better for me,

ever since I’ve been here they been scheming on me,

tryna start a family but now I’m feeling lonely.

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