The Girl in the Glass Box

Trapped in an invisible cage, I am not a mime for you to watch.

I am only free and happy when it suits you

when my mouth is sealed together

making it the perfect pair of lips to kiss.


I paint a smile on my face every morning before you wake up

because I know you would want nothing less than perfect.

I am not just a doll for you to show off to your friends

but I only come alive when you are no longer around.


When you’re gone for weeks or months at a time

I take the liberty to drink my sorrows and to swallow my anger

for when you come back I know it will rise up even stronger.


I don’t dance, or kiss or go out with any other men

but you won’t even give me the respect of trusting me.

Accusing me of cheating and lying

as if I would sell myself to some other man.


I get it, maybe you know that you treat me terribly

and you’re scared of losing me to someone

who can look after me better than you have ever done.


I may not raise my voice often

afraid that when I do, you will fight back

and put me back in my glass box

only to drown out my voice, my existence.


There will come a point where the glass will shatter

like my heart has done so many times

when It was chiseled and dented by the man I used to love.


The glass will break by my hands, by my voice because

I will yell louder than I have done before

and fight tougher like I have never done before

then and only then will you notice me.


Because you will be forced to listen to me

as I place you in a front row seat

to watch a mime that can speak and yell louder than all his fellow companions.

Such a rare oddity it will be for you will realise that you have mistreated me.


And you will realise it’s too late to change

for the show has ended and I will vanish before your eyes

like a great magician –

I will leave you wishing you had paid attention.

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