Thorns & Petals

Roses are red. That is true. But what a rose represents that is up to you.
I believe a rose can be anyone of us, me or you.
A rose is delicate, lighthearted but threatening.
We give a rose as a symbol of love.
We place our rose on graves of those who departed with the mourning dove                   We use our rose’s in our foods.
We use a rose to lift our mood.

A rose has both thorns and petals, as we have darkness and light.                                    Each compliment one another and cannot live without the other.

What is a thorn? Dark and painful
A thorn is our first steps in the real world.
A thorn is the loss of a loved one.
A thorn is losing our first competition.
A thorn is cowering at the sight of that which hurts you.

So what is a petal? Elegant and fragile A petal is taking your new life by the rails and controlling it. A petal is wiping the tears of your face and living with it. A petal is getting back up to fight another day. A petal is standing up for what’s right.

It takes both the petal and the thorn to make a rose. A creation so beautiful yet dangerous , one that survives and thrives.

Why can’t we be roses? Why are we divided so simply into petals or thorns? Having both is a burden, but controlling them is a skill.

That is how it’s like to be a rose…. Violets are blue?

About haringeyunchained

Haringey Unchained is a collective of students aiming to show case the creative talent of Haringey Sixth Form College in Tottenham, London. We think that through the promotion of our creative thoughts, we can educate our community, bringing to the foreground the critical and creative consciousness of a vibrant school in a deprived part of London. We are endeavouring to provide this blog as a platform for our community, giving the space to those whose work otherwise might not be seen or read. Being that the cuffs are off, we are able to express through our photography, art, short fiction and poetry, what’s really on our minds. We are free.

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