Thorns & Petals

Roses are red. That is true. But what a rose represents that is up to you.
I believe a rose can be anyone us, me or you.
A rose is delicate, lighthearted but threatening.
We give a rose as a symbol of love.
We place our rose on graves of those who departed with the mourning dove                   We use our rose’s in our foods.
We use a rose to lift our mood.

A rose has both thorns and petals, as we have darkness and light.                                    Each compliment one another and cannot live without the other.

What is a thorn? Dark and painful
A thorn is our first steps in the real world.
A thorn is the loss of a loved one.
A thorn is losing our first competition.
A thorn is cowering at the sight of that which hurts you.

So what is a petal? Elegant and fragile A petal is taking your new life by the rails and controlling it. A petal is wiping the tears of your face and living with it. A petal is getting back up to fight another day. A petal is standing up for what’s right.

It takes both the petal and the thorn to make a rose. A creation so beautiful yet dangerous , one that survives and thrives.

Why can’t we be roses? Why are we divided so simply into petals or thorns? Having both is a burden, but controlling them is a skill.

That is how it’s like to be a rose…. Violets are blue?

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