Wounded Le Fay

A fairy was I till my island went a flame.
Who was I but my sinful half brother to blame. Pride engulfed in his golden crown
As I grieve flushed in ember with my mourning gown.

I leak from the orbs that see only death. Once I healed , I rejoiced , I loved.
Vines , ferns , petals and earth,
Nothing more shall be given birth?

My body is no longer mine .


~ Avalon no more

I had a withered swan.
She raised my prosperous gentle burned hair as fair as a fawn.
An idol of women , order here, clean there , cook everywhere .
What poor fate had she you ask?
My former love set a charm , leading to my half brothers beating arm.
A man with wealth , a man of power , hidden in plain site , a man looking like my father. My mother knew not she bore a child.
The next day she was found set free in the liberating wild.

~ King Uther and igraine

My other half , seduced me into bearing my own blossoms. Ripening by falls end.
A fruit so tragic yet so I breathe my love in.
Never to take a bite , never letting it rot.

Such forbidden love struck the land.
I flee with a basket sparse with one fruit.
No door to safe , no man to holy.
A grail is what he needs , a grail he shall not get.

Warrior women have their legends.
Tales of fight , tales of might.
What makes a warrior women you ask once more?
A warrior women is she who endures as she drops to the floor. The man of knowledge I recall , my former interest.

Wounded le Fay

Half my heart a man of knowledge, Half my blood a man I abolish , Half my life a man I cherish,

My body is mine. My body is mine.

~ My Sweet Mordred

Set a charm on his dying breath. Made me a cold blooded beast of myth against my own. My powers exhausted , I struck inferno out of will to my one and only son.
He knew not it was me , as he was done.
I lose all , and I lose more. I lost my presence that day, spirit and all.

Never to fade amongst faded flowers again. Never to weep amongst weeping women again.

I lasted till the end.
I join my sisters, in the Avalon of the sky.
I rejoice once more.
I led a life of virtue
Hate is only natural , fuelled by love and kindness

What more is there to be a warrior women ?


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