You Love Her

You still love her

You love her as much as I love you.

You loved her as much as no-one else did.


You took your heart

put it on a plate and served it as a starter to her.

It delighted her tastes and

she was ready for her next meal.


I gave you my heart and you said:

“I am not hungry today.”


She was nothing more than everything to you.

She was pretty much the same as the Friday night.

Waking up next o her felt like winning the lottery ticket.

Being around her felt like you were walking on marshmallows.


The other day you asked: “Can we buy marshmallows?”

You ate them without chewing

You ate them as if you had been two years starving.


I looked at you trying desperately to reach you

but you said, “Babe…sorry…but I really like them.”


I have days when being a marshmallow

sounds like a better scenario than being your girlfriend.


Girlfriend. Such a foreign word for me and you.

Girlfriend. That’s not what you called me in bed the other day

when your mum phoned you.


You said: “Oh mum, sorry, I am with a friend.”


Bip bip bip……


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