Choosers of the Slain

We fight!

We live!

We obey!

We die!


Dressed to the nines in armour, we breath as our swords gleam with victory.

For we have made history as we fought for Asgard’s liberty.

We embraced the cold winds as we rode our wing’d beasts to battle,

For death is life and should be honoured, as one should die as they have lived.


We fought as one and lived as one,

In Asgard we live to protect as our job is never done.

We know not of giving up,

We know nothing of going down.

For that means the loss of the throne and crown,

Letting Hela rise up in her deathly gown.


We slay on the command of our all father

Loyalty our code, loyalty our life,

To lose our honour is to die by the knife.

We protect the mother who brought us here,

Hell to Valhalla, order to order we never mishear.

Not a minute to spare, we are no common maiden of the house,

We cook no hen, nor weave a blouse, but fight in what we know as a slaughterhouse.


We carry our last flaxen hairs to the rim of a sword,

Battling against those foes who come in hordes.

To die amidst battle is a great honour, to cower is a grave sin,

We shall never yield our shield or surrender our “skin”.

One dream, one last wish as we choose the slain,

Then we turn the tables and for one day,

To the halls of Valhalla,

To rest, to dance, to be.


What are we but mere human?

We are together!

We are sisters, hand in hand!

Women to the battlefield and women to the final land!

We live together as one, but never die as one!

We are always here, prepared for duty, never to cease

Loyal and honoured,
Mighty and praised


We are the Valkyrie!

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