Zeus Paces

Who is Prometheus? A fire stealer, a crafty Titan, an all-creature creator. Nevertheless, in the end, he is just someone tied to the clift of Tartarus, with no chance of escape, enduring the pain not even an immortal would be able to handle. 

In the end, this man is just like any other creature he created: he will yield beneath me! No one, even the highest ranking gods, is comparable to the god of lightning and thunder! Soon, my messenger will arrive to tell me the great torture Prometheus is suffering, and how he wept and begged for the mercy of the world’s almighty master. 

Rage, commence! Thunder, rattle the sky! Lightning, bash away even the slightest resistance in a man! 

No, not a single drop of mercy will be granted to him. The world shall know the consequence of defying Zeus!

About haringeyunchained

Haringey Unchained is a collective of students aiming to show case the creative talent of Haringey Sixth Form College in Tottenham, London. We think that through the promotion of our creative thoughts, we can educate our community, bringing to the foreground the critical and creative consciousness of a vibrant school in a deprived part of London. We are endeavouring to provide this blog as a platform for our community, giving the space to those whose work otherwise might not be seen or read. Being that the cuffs are off, we are able to express through our photography, art, short fiction and poetry, what’s really on our minds. We are free.

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