Artwork by Chloe

We have seen many creative young people come through Haringey Unchained, either through the editorial department, or as creatives who have submitted work and performed at our magazine launches.

Once students leave Haringey Sixth Form College, members of the Haringey Unchained family are welcome to continue publishing their work with us. Many of them still do, and they volunteer their time to help deliver our programme of work experience.

We have been so pleased to hear of so many of our students succeeding in their studies and careers after sixth form college. Here is a small selection of what our students have gone on to do:

Chloe: Metropolitan University of London, Animation

Animation by Chloe

Chloe has submitted her work to Haringey Unchained since the magazine first began. We have been so privileged to publish a selection of pieces from her collection about Joey and his pet rat. The story has developed and shifted in ways that have seen Chloe integrating history and culture into her piece. As a student of illustration, her final project saw her creating the above animation.

I loved Chloe’s animation that was shown as part of the Haringey Unchained showcase. I’m not sure if it was her intention, but because it looked like it was in a field with red flowers, it seemed to me to be suggesting something to do with WWI and the poppies which have come to symbolise the losses in the war. Because the father character was a lot more faded than the child, it looked like it was something to do with the war casualties and the people who did not come home – fitting for 2018. Either way, it was really impressive work from her, as usual!

Tom, History Teacher

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Monika, University of Greenwich, Film Studies

Monika was an outstanding student of the English Language and Literature course with Haringey Unchained’s lead teacher, Angie. She has supported the project by helping us with our show, but also proved herself to be an incredible writer with her English coursework.

Monika went on to study Film at The University of Greenwich. During her final year there, she directed the following film as part of her final project. The writer of the script won the award for Best Screenplay in 2019, and the film itself won the Best Broadcast award. It was even screened on television and has its very own IMDB page! Well done to Monika and her partner film writer, Miranda!

The video has been removed from our website temporarily whilst the film is entered to a wide range of film competitions. We will post it again as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is the script.

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Joseph, University of West London, Law

Joseph joined Haringey Unchained towards the completion of his academic career at Haringey Sixth Form College. He was a dedicated student of English Language and Literature, who submitted a poem to Haringey Unchained towards the end of his final year. Though the magazine was already on press at that point, we were so excited to be able to publish his work online. Joseph even came to our end of year magazine launch and read a poem to the audience. He is now and forever a member of the Haringey Unchained family!

Khadija, University of Warwick, Creative Writing

Khadija was a founding member of Haringey Unchained, and was a participate in our very first edition of the magazine: a broadsheet magazine style 4-page long pamphlet in partnership with the Topolski Studio in London. Her work is riddled throughout this blog, and can be found by doing a search for the name: Khadija.

Alexeen, The University of Birmingham, Art History and English

In her final year at Haringey 6th Form College, Alexeen, a very talented student of the A Level Art department joined Haringey Unchained as a published artist and as a valued member of our editorial team. Alongside her work with the magazine that year, her published piece was exhibited in the Royal Academy’s 2018 A-level Summer Exhibition Online. This was a huge achievement as only 42 exceptional pieces of work were selected from over 2000 submissions by a panel of judges including Royal Academician Mali Morris, curator Desirée de Chair, and RA Schools student Hamish Pearch.

The exhibition can be viewed online here:

Heather, Media Studies

Heather served as the Co-Editor for Haringey Unchained’s 5th volume. She has been an asset to the group through her drive and ambition as a creative artist. Her talents know NO BOUNDS as she takes on any creative challenge that crosses her path with incredible success. She is a thinker, a writer, a photographer, a film maker and a magazine editor. Our blog has many examples of Heather’s work, but we are also excited to link to her own blog. Visit Heather’s blog to see just how talented she is.