Drug Trip

She blinked. The world came to life. She slowly turned from left to right, taking in the new sights around her. As she looked ahead, she saw the silhouettes of a railroad and behind it beautiful, soft colours of red, orange and even purple. Her face did not change. She turned slowly and placed one […]

Thug Poetry

I press the lift button awaiting the passage gates to open hoping the stench of urine won’t poke in As the gates close in I breath in and visualise for a moment what the day might bring – or really, what Iʼm hoping the day might not bring: A new patient, stab wounds and broken, dressed in […]

The Jester

The Jester dances in fine clothes; he prances performing without desire King and Queen gaze on unamused by the Jester’s song. He is a ghost to all. The royal court laugh and clap while the Jester feels trapped amongst a large crowd he stands Pulling funny faces people’s mocking he embraces a never ending cycle. […]


Dear me, You have been trying too hard to make everyone around you -Think You are perfect You have been trying too hard to make yourself -Think You are perfect Aren’t you tired of faking your life? Aren’t you tired of living in a society Where money and looks decide your future? Where in order […]