The Ultimatum

That was the first time he saw him. Though frail, there was a powerful energy emanating from him. He didn’t know what it was, but Fritz was drawn to him, and through the blazing, amber eyes of this pathetic, worthless, Jewish man, he saw something more. Despite having seen and even spoken at this man […]

Soldier's Lion

Well, first of all, he wasn’t a soldier. When he got to that age when boys in cities decide how their friends should address them, he chose ‘Soldier’ or (‘Soulj’ for short). Second of all, she wasn’t a lion. She was a beautiful, ginger mixed breed dog with an upturned nose and a crooked smile. […]

Farewell My Dear

The church bells chimed at noon. You could easily notice a glint in the little boy’s eyes as he ran absent-mindedly down the corridor of his grandfather’s vast mansion.  The only one who lived there now was his Aunt Sihanna, his mother’s older sister. She was only 37 years of age, but she seemed much […]

Family Secrets

On a Wednesday and a Friday every week, they would visit their grandmother’s beautiful home in the suburbs – big enough for a family, but she was all alone. As they approached on the winding path to the grand front door, she watched them with an inscrutable expression, hunched in a corner rocking chair that […]

Fireflies in the Sky

It was the middle of civil war between the people of the KDPI and the imperial state of Iran. The year was 1985. The atmosphere: it had seen better days… Wails of local defendants arose from every crowded ward, medics and family members alike sharing a reservoir of tears for the lost.  And Cyrus’ hellish […]

Seven Minutes

One A balmy breeze stroked Cecilio’s skin as he skipped through the Farnborough meadows with his five-year-old daughter, Aleida. Hand in hand the father daughter duo created a pathway in the high grass, trampling on the daisies that began to sprout out of the ground. Exhausted, the pair reached the small cottage they lived in […]

Or Planets

For his ninth birthday, grandmother had sent him a large wooden box filled with thick tubes of paint, a variety of horse hair brushes, and sheets of paper that felt rough to the touch. His mother complained about the impending mess and told her husband that the gift was far too advanced for a nine-year-old […]

The Unholy War

October 6 1973 – Yom Kippur, a day of atonement On the holiest night of the Jewish calendar, a holy war would ensue. A secret assembly would take place first, a conference of powerful individuals plotting their next course of action. This assembly of men had representatives from both of the great military alliances of […]

Behind the Door

I killed my family but it has taken me 12 years to realise this. The large wooden door at the end of the garden stood against the wall. Chipped-wood poked out from the door like hedgehog spikes. The blue paint seemed to have faded over the years. Don’t go behind the door they said, ignore […]

The Tiger

 Her skirt was lifted up and over her knees, revealing a pair of worn pink slippers and tights three shades too orange against her pale legs. An unlit cigarette hung from the corner of her thin lips. Her children fretted, telling her to quit, listing the diseases that may kill her – Didn’t she know […]