The Breaking Point

Simon Chen The full moon was the only light that could be seen in the velvet sky when an abrupt sound of broken branches cried through the cemetery like a boy had been cut by a knife.   A figure appeared, staggering from nowhere, gasping. It was a 20-year-old woman. Her wrinkled dress was messy with […]

Dream with Death

Simon Chen She was in her childhood forest again: her hair was still crimson silver, but her face had no wrinkles. She had become younger. She wore her hoody again, and she had a pack of food and drinks in her hand, enough for her to travel three days. The forest had not changed much: […]

Thriving Through Chains

Zhiyu Liu Five days out of a week, I wear red ties on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, blue ones on Tuesday and Thursday. 6:45 is the time I get up; 7:20 is the time I sprint to breakfast; from 8:05 to 2:20, I run through my daily classes; and back to my bed again at […]

“I’ll Get You This Time”

Jimmy Wu Moonlight sprinkles on the ground. The cold wind howls through the street, extinguishing the fire in the pumpkins. People have decorated their houses with spider webs, zombies and ghosts. It is Halloween. After a busy day in the office, Justin returns to his apartment with little energy saved for the Halloween night with […]

The Street Performer

Jenny Pan A street performer is stationed in the courtyard of the town centre. I watch this man walk down the uneven stone roads every morning before sunrise. He carries a black worn-out suitcase with a few colourful strands of ribbon hanging messily from the sides. His face would be stern and grim, apparent with […]

The Game Continues

Grace Gu It was already midnight as the light of the day had ebbed and diminished to nothing. The darkness was almost absolute; only a smattering of luminous stars scattered the sky. Within this darkness, a man dressed all in black walked alone down the poorly lit street. The dim street light cast a shadow […]