“The United States … is particularly affected by the Chinese Virus.”

Why Trump’s Casual Racism Should Be Taken to Task On March 16 2020, a tweet by Donald Trump exploded in every one of my international group chats on Twitter. By substituting “COVID19” with the phrase “Chinese Virus,” the attitude of the U.S. President was painfully clear. One of the most influential figures in international politics […]

A Lost Generation

The War That Left A Hole Behind Commemorations have sprouted all over the country to honour the fallen as the nation gears itself to remember history’s most disastrous conflict. In the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day, we have seen the sepia tones of November slashed with blood-soaked poppies. They have popped up on the […]

The impact of anti-social networking on life in the fast lane

I was re-watching a movie the other day, which I had really loved a generation ago and I couldn’t be bothered after about 20 minutes. It was just too slow. The pace of culture must have changed or something.  My wife had already given up on her allegedly once favourite film, but left it to […]