Morning Glory

Insanity clips my eyelids back and I watch the ceiling. His sun comes out at night. Speckled eyelids staring too hard at the sun. I go where the wolves tiptoe into the forest. His sun comes to life. I slip, and slide, sitting down. Settling between his covers. Slipping and sliding and sitting down at […]


Safe What is that word? I hear it all the time, but I never feel it in this life of hate and aggression. I’m feeling this hate and aggression and I can’t help it but I care about what people think of me because at the end of the day it’s people I need to […]

I Can’t Breath*

How can they call it the country of the free and the country of the brave if the people can’t voice their own opinions? I mean – we’re at a time where racism should be demolished, yet we see it every day in the streets of the USA. New York City, a place I dream […]

Love or ?*

Love is a birth right, no? We feel love, we learn to love, we give love. Throughout life, we encounter various classifications of love. As a child, we understand one type of love. As adults we question whether or not we are in love. Can we be in love with more than one at the […]


My seven-year-old daughter and I were travelling in a taxi in Bombay. The heat felt like it was melting us to the bone and the traffic was pretty much stationary. The windows were rolled down all the way and my daughter was sitting on my lap fanning herself with a fan she had made from […]

The Fall

I fell for the boy whose small, kind eyes were the warmest shade of chocolate- that seemed to have flecks of an earthy green in some lights, but managed to engulf me in its captivating gaze nonetheless. Whose smile was not dazzling or perfect, but had the ability to cause my heart to flutter when […]

Stay with me…

Stay with me, it’s fine we are going to be fine… SOMEONE HELP! Sirens… From the day I set my eyes on you I fell in love. You brightened my bleak, shady and gloomy world with your luminous rays of sunshine. Your cloudy grey coloured eyes, eyes that if you looked into you would lose […]

Acceptance (a prose poem)* by Jared Baly

Every day is a winding road, yet every night is a dream come true. The shy introvert can reveal his true self in the darkness, free from judgment and prejudice. The moon in the sky brings joy to a less fortunate soul, allowing him to express the true colors beneath his skin. Yet the sunshine […]

Because of what she thought was love…

He hits her, pulls her hair and screams abuse. But his mother can’t guess what her son is like when he tells her he loves her in the morning. He’s the reason, the reason that she believes no one will love her, the reason that she looks in the morning and sees nothing but hate […]


Your pink lips whisper words that hypnotise your victim, making them lose their power of control. Every touch, with those smooth soft hands of yours, feels like heaven, until your caressing fingers let go. How could one have a soul so beautiful, yet a heart so ugly? How could you be so selfish? So careless? Your […]