Masha Allah is not a cat call*

**TRIGGER WARNING**Mentions of sexual assault, abuse and FGM in this spoken word.  Masha Allah is not a cat call, I don’t take it as a compliment As you whistle at me as I walk by you in the street, do you not feel any embarrassment?Because I do,My skin gets hot and frustration begins to reside inside […]

Dear Mama

Upside down, you await my arrival 9 months deep after a fought out battle Yet here I am… Longing to be in the presence of your arms Longing to be surrounded by those waiting at the entrance Not long till you crown me King as I enter The bright red clothing stripped away as you […]

The Day Women Take Over

The day women take over No longer do you have to look over your shoulder Drunk in love, why must I stay sober Phenomenal woman was the word Angelou spoke Not the woman used, abused and nothing more than a few strokes. Stroking away her luscious black hair wiping away her luscious black tears She […]

Moses’ Song

Inspired by Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners I’m still grinding on the same roads, tryna dodge the snakes in them plain clothes, I was tryna find my way home, but got lost up on the way bro, This my letter to the colonisers, they took away tradition now we feeling priceless, thinking to myself is […]

I’ve grown from the past

I’ve grown from the past So every time I look into the glass I see myself, funny how when I need Help I’ve got none but myself. Love my girl to the point where I’d risk my health But it’s ok – I never stood a chance Dance with the devil and I never should’ve […]


I didn’t care. Influenced by others who didn’t share, begged and showed attention to others who were never there.   But now I’m here, asking for my thousandth chance. My face lights up as soon as I get a glance of my baby – I mean my lady – because you’ve matured into one.   […]


It’s like a tidal wave, My mind is going to cave, Turns to a hurricane, The echo clouds my brain… and it starts to rain Suppressing the problem is fickle My eyes began to trickle I pretend that I’m fine But the echo of “are you okay” brings me to end of the line Is […]


They teach us from young to be young dumb and living off mum and to walk past the homeless man you see on the street and to consider him a bum. When he asks you directly have you got any change? We pull back, out of close range and say sorry this is the last […]


You sit here considering advice that will potentially determine your whole life. I’m just six weeks old and you begin to think a termination is the only option as they tell you it’s not too late, but how can you let someone else decide your fate? They tell you I’m numb to the pain and […]