It’s like a tidal wave, My mind is going to cave, Turns to a hurricane, The echo clouds my brain… and it starts to rain Suppressing the problem is fickle My eyes began to trickle I pretend that I’m fine But the echo of “are you okay” brings me to end of the line Is […]


They teach us from young to be young dumb and living off mum and to walk past the homeless man you see on the street and to consider him a bum. When he asks you directly have you got any change? We pull back, out of close range and say sorry this is the last […]


You sit here considering advice that will potentially determine your whole life. I’m just six weeks old and you begin to think a termination is the only option as they tell you it’s not too late, but how can you let someone else decide your fate? They tell you I’m numb to the pain and […]