Real Power

Preface: The year is 2040. In the United States of America, the country of freedom and liberty, April and Roger are a young married couple. April is pregnant and plans for an abortion. Roger, who is filled with ambition, meets Jerome, who shares similar and relatable experiences as a male. Like all the men in […]

The Turn of the Tide

Act 1, Scene 1 July 16th 1918 (AM) The free space on the stage is minimal, with rustic wine barrels towered over the actors, which lends the basement a confined atmosphere. Upstage there are three narrow slits no bigger than those found in prison, with a mesh sheet that replaces the poorly removed glass, exposing […]

Before it Hit: A Screenplay

FADE IN: EXT. FRONT OF THE HOUSE – EARLY MORNING. The village sits at the base of a mountain. There are 40 odd houses in the village and one dirt road that leads into its centre where there sits a communal fountain. The sounds of the fountain’s running water, and a wind chime on the […]