City of God

Before Roz knew it, she was in the land of Caipirinha’s carnival, mystery and the sultry golden rays of the sun. She had always wanted to see the Christo statue over the city of Rio. Somehow in a very distant corner of her mind, she believed that she had been here before, and she laughed […]


The skyline is littered with white smudges. “Clouds” are what they are called, though these look more like cotton balls than patches of gas dense and weighted by the thousands of feet that dance in Heaven   Airplanes take rest on the duvet of the skyline, playing hopscotch when they awaken skipping over continents that […]

Inside Outside

Inside I feel like I can do the unthinkable Outside I appear to do the mere minimal Inside I feel the greatest of love Outside I tell those I’m unlovable Inside I wished you were still here Outside your voice is all I can hear

Drug Trip

She blinked. The world came to life. She slowly turned from left to right, taking in the new sights around her. As she looked ahead, she saw the silhouettes of a railroad and behind it beautiful, soft colours of red, orange and even purple. Her face did not change. She turned slowly and placed one […]