The First Light*

At first light we begin anew, Only to repeat the deeds of yesterday. Caged in as animals are at a zoo Awaiting validation from strangers, Without a care in the world of the smoke rising behind us. At every light, we wilt a little more With every beat of the drum. Fading away, an hour, […]

Take My Hand and Run*

I am standing in the middle of a room without lights and windows I try to light a candle to break the dark away but then I see all over shadows Reading my magazines trying to forget memories my mind don’t wonna keep Revenging my enemies the ones who killed families but I ain’t gonna […]

The Young Wolf*

I am a wolf now having been thrown to the ground I became a wolf that didn’t need the full moon for determination My howl is but an echo that speaks a million years of hunger If only the sound of tenderness could be heard, the smell of love on my skin You would have […]

Unloved Heart*

A man died. His family decided to donate his heart to someone in need. To a happy little boy, with joy and life. When the surgery was over, the boy opened his eyes and his parents surprisingly saw emptiness in them. They thought it was from the sleep and let it pass. Years passed and […]

Why I Did It*

Oh God, I feel so alive! I’ve had these thoughts circling my head for the longest time, but I never thought today would be the day I would go through with them and gain justice. I guess I simply couldn’t handle it anymore. I just couldn’t handle knowing what they did to the people I […]

It’s Not My Fault*

Here, could you finish this for me? It’s her milk, but she’s finally cried herself to sleep and it would be a waste so just drink the rest, will you? No! Don’t try to take her from me, I’m finally able to hold her without wanting to throw her into a wall so I want […]