I am in the kitchen now, the phone on speaker as I get myself a drink. There’s a can of beer and week-old takeout in the fridge. I crack open the can, hoping the satisfying pop-then-hiss goes unnoticed. It does. She talks and I drink. “Are you listening to me?” I allow myself the satisfaction […]

Love or ?*

Love is a birth right, no? We feel love, we learn to love, we give love. Throughout life, we encounter various classifications of love. As a child, we understand one type of love. As adults we question whether or not we are in love. Can we be in love with more than one at the […]

I Remember*

I remember when I would play with all my neighbours I remember when I would be kept awake by dad’s obnoxiously loud laughter I remember when I passed down my precious teddy to my brother I remember when I was learning how to play piano I remember when I got hit by an ambulance in […]

“Heidi Parker” the Fighter*

The fledgling scholar Heidi Parker was a rare child. A firefly that desired to spread her wings out. “Steady as a little preacher, free as weed,” said the mama. Grasping for air, she scaled above the lofty, sycamore trees, looking at her divided homeland. Smelling the leaves again, and again, then bearing it again; the […]


My seven-year-old daughter and I were travelling in a taxi in Bombay. The heat felt like it was melting us to the bone and the traffic was pretty much stationary. The windows were rolled down all the way and my daughter was sitting on my lap fanning herself with a fan she had made from […]


“I’ll be the daddy; you be the mummy,” his words slurred through his slippery lips. “Ok, but we’re in your daddy’s shop – should we play shop? I know; I come to shop to buy food to cook,” I said moving around urgently. I don’t have long, because Rupert is sleeping, and he don’t know […]

Destiny and Drive go hand in hand*

And off he goes – in a flash! A man with a cold, senseless face suited head to toe with a firm grasp on his suitcase, making him appear empowered as he storms past the city streets. And here she is – a young woman asking strangers to take pictures of her as she poses […]