The Marathon of Life: Lessons to be Learnt*

As pressure from the responsibilities around you begins to take its toll, you come to see that life essentially takes the form of a relentless marathon. An engineered atmosphere of competition that drains you. You run and run. And just when you think you’ve reached the chequered line, you’re told you have another round to […]

You Will Always Fall Again*

I would like to tear all the skin off my body and start again Rip away all my cells Throw it all away Pull my hairs out For being so foolish And be re born But there’s a simpler option I could gargle three times, wash my face, wash my arms, wipe water across my […]

Listening Prayers*

Her face – strange. We have not crossed paths before. Her speech – uncertain. She coughs and then sighs. Verses, tremble from her lips in harmony to a jagged train track. She is close to giving up, but cannot give up. How little she knows of faith. For this attempt, will be her eighth. “Sarah, […]


Safe What is that word? I hear it all the time, but I never feel it in this life of hate and aggression. I’m feeling this hate and aggression and I can’t help it but I care about what people think of me because at the end of the day it’s people I need to […]

I Can’t Breath*

How can they call it the country of the free and the country of the brave if the people can’t voice their own opinions? I mean – we’re at a time where racism should be demolished, yet we see it every day in the streets of the USA. New York City, a place I dream […]