Haringey Unchained at the Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House Student Scheme

Haringey Unchained was privileged to be a part of the Royal Opera House’s Student scheme discussion group with ROH’s university ambassadors on 25th May 2017.

Our group consulted with current university students from around England, as representative sixth formers, about how to roll out the highly successful university scheme to sixth formers. Our students helped guide the university ambassadors towards how to best engage sixth formers in Britain with opera, ballet and other forms of ‘high culture’ that may be otherwise out of reach for these young people.

During our discussion, the university ambassadors also provided invaluable advice and strategies to help Haringey Unchained expand the readership of its blog beyond the school to the Haringey community.

A guided tour of the behind the scenes spaces of the Royal Opera House followed, where students got to see props, stages, costumes and even dancers themselves, and our exciting afternoon finished with a performance of four short ballets by the Royal Ballet.

Camilla Stanger, head of the WeMove dance enrichment at H6FC, came along to teach our students about ballet and support the linking of dance to the Haringey Unchained creative programme.

La Boheme

Haringey Unchained was then invited to attend the Royal Opera House’s production of La Bohème on Tuesday 19th June 2018. The incredible performance was put on specifically for selected schools and colleges.

The story itself takes place on the outskirts of French Bohemia, and tells a tragic love story with the perfect combination of passion and wit. Our students and faculty in attendance were moved by the captivating opera, and were very grateful to be a part of the experience.

“Watching La Bohème in The Royal Opera House was a truly breath-taking experience. The production of the Opera, as well as the talent incorporated within the performance, was outstanding and enabled me to thoroughly enjoy the performance and the atmosphere it had created for the audience.”


“It was such an amazing experience to visit the Royal Opera House for the second time to watch a beautifully orchestrated opera.”


“I want to give a great big thank you to the Royal Opera House for inviting us to come along for the schools matinee of La Boheme. We had a great time listening to some of the most beautiful voices on stage and were so impressed by the energy at the event.”

Angie Smith, Previous Curriculum and Learning Manager for Creative Departments

Many other schools were invited to attend the performance. It was a delight to be surrounded by a diverse audience of students, and enjoy the experience together.