Haringey Unchained and WeMove Creative Workshops at SOAS

With the help of a Jack Petchey grant, earned by our very own Heather for her incredible commitment and dedication to supporting the project and its outreach, the project was able to extend its work to secondary schools. Heather chose to apply her funding to the creation of a mini magazine in collaboration with one of our local feeder schools.

To support this project, our university partner: SOAS, University of London, hosted the students and supported the work with resources on the day.

In July, we welcomed a set of incredibly talented and mature year 8 students from Duke’s Aldridge Academy in Tottenham, London to a set of creative writing workshops aiming to engage the students.

Download the magazine here

John Canfield of The Poetry School ran a writing workshop about Erasure Poetry. Angie Smith ran a writing workshop about Flash Fiction.

Camilla Stanger and Pauline Fearon worked with Gladesmore School students to devise concepts for dance and drama with pages from the magazine.

Several of our current Haringey Unchained editorial department and alumni members attended the workshop to contribute to the magazine. At the end, they also delivered a question and answer session to the younger students regarding Sixth Form education and their eventual experience at university.

“My personal experience at the SOAS University, located in London,
was thrilling and full of creativity from beginning to end. From this visit, I have learnt that there isn’t just one type of creative writing, which
is just your imaginative mind, there are many different forms, like Flash
Fiction and black-out poetry’.


“It was a pleasure to work with the students of Duke’s Aldridge Academy. They showed enthusiasm and an eye for creativity, playfulness and experimentation, which I hope they’ll continue to develop in the future.”

John Canfeld – The Poetry School

“Thank you to you all Haringey Unchained, Haringey Sixth Form College and SOAS for hosting us at the exciting creative writing workshop. We thoroughly enjoyed working alongside all the talented individuals involved. Our students were given insight into how to harness their creative potential and remain passionate in their pursuit of expressing their creativity.”

Ms Ali, Teacher from Duke’s Aldridge Academy

A selection of clips from the workshops:

“The students were overjoyed to become a published poet. I hope this will have a lasting effect on their work and how they see themselves.We look forward to any future chances to collaborate!”

Tom, Head of Year 8 at Duke’s Aldridge Academy