Haringey Unchained International Creative Arts Competition

Submission by Yuzhi Hui

In 2020, we ran an international competition with students outside of Britain. Our very own Angie worked with young people from various parts of China currently living in the United States to bring the Haringey Unchained mission and model abroad.

The students were brought together by the Ivy Talent Agency in partnership with the ISC Academy.

The only requirement for the piece of work was to apply the theme: Breaking the Chains, in some way. The top five pieces from this long list will be published in Volume Five of the magazine, due out in July 2020.

Thank you to all of the students who have submitted to this competition. Your work has been so wonderful to review! Keep up the creativity.


The following students have been published on the Haringey Unchained blog:

Student NameTitle of Artwork
Adam JinCasual Disrespect
Andy ZhangOne Last Time; Phoenix Arizona: 2019
Bertrand LinAs They Watched
Binxiu QinBeyond There
Chenxi LiuA Study in Texture
Christina BaoA Bomb in Silence
Grace GuThe Game Continues
Jenny PanBeauty Betrayed Her; The Street Performer
Jimmy WuFallen Angel; “I’ll Get You This Time”
Jiyao GuoA Sort of Firefly
Kelvin ChenA Juvenile Tender Weed
Lillian XieThe Newspaper
Lily RuBetween The Two; True Self
Linda PangThe First Snow of 2016
Maggie ZhangJust like Frankenstein
Sam LiuThriving Through Chains
Simon ChenDream with Death; The Breaking Point
Tony SuTraitor of Thebes
Tony TengBefore It’s Too Late; When the Shadows Turned to Wolves; Laughing Hysteria
Xin LiReleased
Yiping GaoCamouflage; Who’s Staring at Whom?
YoyoSpot the Colour; With My Arms Outstretched
Yufan WuUntitled; Waiting
Yunija WangCorner
Yuzhi HuiIn Those Little Moments
Zijian ZhangAmongst the Bubbles; Soaring with Grace

All pieces from the Long List

Filter the blog by: International Creative Competition Winners to see the poetry, short fiction and photography that was submitted.

The short list and final magazine content will be published in July 2020. Final winners will be informed via email. We will also upload the pdf of the new magazine to the blog.

Haringey Unchained Editorial Department

  • Hootan Abrishami (Co-editor 2020)
  • Takuzdwa Edwards (alumni)
  • Heather Gilchrist (Co-editor 2020)
  • Andreea Pavel (alumni)
  • Monika Reich (alumni)
  • Emma Chambers, English Teacher
  • Angie Smith, Haringey Unchained Coordinator and Founder