Haringey Unchained Visits The Quarto Group

Frances Lincoln Publishing, an imprint of the Quarto Group, welcomed members of Haringey Unchained to their offices in Angel on Monday 16th October 2017. The students got to sit in the boardroom whilst a host of publishing professionals, including the Publisher and Senior Commissioning Editor, took the students through their stories, explaining how they came to be in their careers. They provided advice and answered questions from our young creatives about how university might prepare them for a career in publishing.

The students learned all the different departments that go into a successful publishing company, and had a tour of the building.

For the second half of the experience, students learned the process of publishing Frances Lincoln’s exciting title: Modern Women – 52 Pioneers. The students got to copy-edit a draft of the text, and do picture research to find images that could accompany the stories. Students who participated in the event left the office of Quarto feeling excited and keen to consider a career in publishing. 

We had a great time, and thank the professionals at Frances Lincoln Publishing, for welcoming us into their office and making us feel so at home!

The experience was so fruitful and productive, that the Senior Commissioning Editor invited one of our Haringey Unchained students back to complete a week’s long work experience! We were so proud of Samiha for the work she did that week and the feedback we received from Nicki Davis at Quarto.