Our Magazines

Each year, our editorial department uploads all submitted pieces to our creative blog, firmly believing in the importance of this platform as a non-exclusive space. We welcome any creative expression here, bearing in mind that we will not publish items that bully or marginalise members of our community.

As a way of marketing the blog, we have been able to print short runs of a magazine that showcases the range of what we have available on our blog, enabling us to bring Haringey Unchained to the professionals of the London culture and art sector, to engage with the literary world around us.

Each year, our editorial team, in collaboration with a university partner, chooses the most representative selection to demonstrate what our community is interested in, what concerns us, what inspires us, and most importantly: what IS us.

Volume 5

Previous Editions

Cover art by Baran

In 2016, with the help of Phillip Teare from Media who designed our cover, we put together our very first magazine.

The interior pages were designed by Angie.

The Launch Show

Cover art by Zubeyde

In 2017, we secured a grant that enabled us to hire a professional designer.

With the help of Sam Campbell, we were able to demonstrate just how far a little money could go!

The Launch Show

Cover art by Liberty

In 2018, our Principal and Marketing Manager furthered support for the Haringey Unchained magazine by linking us with Bluekite Communications. With the help and support of our college designer, we have been able to develop the Haringey Unchained brand.

The Launch Show

Cover art by Liberty

In 2019, we published our biggest volume of the magazine yet! With the dedication and teaching of John Canfield of The Poetry School, London, and Lina Charki from SOAS, University of London on a biweekly basis all year, the magazine became a bumper issue at 64 pages all in colour.

The Launch Show