Recorded Readings

In 2014, when the enrichment first began, our editorial department successfully persuaded several of our incredible teachers and staff at the college to record themselves reading the students’ work. The students got to watch the staff members record the work, and then worked with Josh from Media on editing those readings. In a way, this was the very first work experience element of this project, and led some of our students to pursue other projects in recording.

Here are the outcomes! We hope you enjoy listening to them.

Than you to Josh from the Media department for helping us to record these so professionally.

One Last Talk

Written by Mariah
Read by Camilla

We Must to Talk

Illustration by Kimarla
Written by Kimarla
Read by Fumni
Inspired by Lorna Goodison’s ‘The Woman Speaks to the Man Who Employs her Son’

The Renegades

Illustration by Khadija
Written by Khadija
Read by Jared


Illustration by Joy
Written by Joy
Read by Andrew
Illustration by Lina

Not Yet

Written by Lina
Read by Angie
Illustration by Chantelle

What Are Robots?

Written by Chantelle
Read by Marysia
Illustration by Baran

Civil Conduct Keepers

Written by Fred
Read by John