The Breaking Point

Simon Chen The full moon was the only light that could be seen in the velvet sky when an abrupt sound of broken branches cried through the cemetery like a boy had been cut by a knife.   A figure appeared, staggering from nowhere, gasping. It was a 20-year-old woman. Her wrinkled dress was messy with […]


“I’ll be the daddy; you be the mummy,” his words slurred through his slippery lips. “Ok, but we’re in your daddy’s shop – should we play shop? I know; I come to shop to buy food to cook,” I said moving around urgently. I don’t have long, because Rupert is sleeping, and he don’t know […]


My eyes look so blue in this mirror, oceanic almost, and I wonder if it’s through these tides that his lunar gravity rules over me, or if it’s from the saltwater that makes rivers down my ripped up rain face, flooding over, banks breaking onto my cheeks. The drought of his absence dries all the […]

He Hits; She Stays

He hits her, and she stays. Because after all, he said that she did provoke him. Because as a child she learned that divorce was wrong. Because being in love meant being patient. Because how could she possibly explain this to everyone? Because she fails to admit that she has made another mistake. He hits […]

Because of what she thought was love…

He hits her, pulls her hair and screams abuse. But his mother can’t guess what her son is like when he tells her he loves her in the morning. He’s the reason, the reason that she believes no one will love her, the reason that she looks in the morning and sees nothing but hate […]