The Tiger

 Her skirt was lifted up and over her knees, revealing a pair of worn pink slippers and tights three shades too orange against her pale legs. An unlit cigarette hung from the corner of her thin lips. Her children fretted, telling her to quit, listing the diseases that may kill her – Didn’t she know […]

This is Me

Little toy trains, no more My Rolls Royce play time, no more Gazing at stars and systems. Dreaming, no more Confined. Obtained. Chained. Freezing metallic bars burning my skin so tight. Binding what was my future so bright. To be free and fly. To be young and and play. Again and again – What can […]

The First Light*

At first light we begin anew, Only to repeat the deeds of yesterday. Caged in as animals are at a zoo Awaiting validation from strangers, Without a care in the world of the smoke rising behind us. At every light, we wilt a little more With every beat of the drum. Fading away, an hour, […]