Dear me, You have been trying too hard to make everyone around you -Think You are perfect You have been trying too hard to make yourself -Think You are perfect Aren’t you tired of faking your life? Aren’t you tired of living in a society Where money and looks decide your future? Where in order […]

Comfort from a Stranger*

You wrap your arms around my trembling body, My breathing begins to sync with yours. You hold me for some time, And I cannot speak to tell you how grateful I am. So I hold onto you like I’m gripping onto life, and my breathing feels warm, It has stopped attacking me. I let you […]


She rips me to shreds when I can’t escape my bed, holds my hands and shouts “Get up!” Because I can’t miss “this”… And “this?” Something I will never know when she drops her grip on my hands, attaching instead to my lungs and heart. My ribcage feels like it could burst if I even […]

“Today’s Special Exhibit: A Writer”

I realise, sitting in the library, I am an anomaly. The others come and collect their coffee and leave to complete their “proper work.” They see me sat alone, scribbling, my tea growing cold – forgotten. Writing means I no longer scald my throat by drinking boiling liquids, I am accustomed now to the taste […]