Your lighthouse has been switched off, But not by you, By a stranger, One who once swore to take care of your lighthouse, So you gave him the key, You let him in, You let him stay, But he cluttered the place, He filled it with all things him, He became distracted, And careless, So […]

The Key

Hurting became breathing, the toxic lies led me believing, played with my trust in exchange for temporary lust, every touch, every kiss marked a bruise and I became indistinguishable behind all the abuse.   Enough is enough – say no to the pain,  what is the point if it’s all loss and no gain? Overcome […]


I didn’t care. Influenced by others who didn’t share, begged and showed attention to others who were never there.   But now I’m here, asking for my thousandth chance. My face lights up as soon as I get a glance of my baby – I mean my lady – because you’ve matured into one.   […]

Crime Scene

You are slowly killing me from the inside out….   Regurgitating all the lies laced with poison that you fed me disguised as honey-eyed hope. Exfoliating my skin that has now become a crime scene from the fingerprints that you recklessly left. Resuscitating the heart that you violently stabbed multiple times that mislaid unfixable voids. […]

Not when they’re yours

One day you just appeared With sweet words and a sweet smile That came together as a foolish hope of love.   You made everything beautiful. You made a message be the highlight of the day And then made me so desperate for it When you wouldn’t send it.   Then you started to get […]


I told myself it was time Time to let go Time to move on Little did I know my heart would refuse Pounding at my chest Clawing its way out to meet you Our eyes would meet Being me I’d turn away coyly While your gaze stood still Seeing right through my facade I though […]

Can you still hear me?

Can you still hear me? Because I can’t. I can’t hear your voice – the voice that called my name over and over. You’d call me even if I was there beside you. Maybe you were scared that I’d leave you, and so I calmed you with just two words: I’m here! These two words […]


Why is that every time I swing that cheap bottle down my torn lips I’m reminded of how we tumbled down into the molten failure of love and how you got up with my dripping heart morphed into your fist and left me there to rot with nothing but an empty bloodstream?

My old friend

“Hello darkness, my old friend” It’s nice to be together again To feel the safeness you’ve once given me To feel my soulstar healing I have many stories to tell But all of one love, once again. A love that made me whole But left me more broken than before. A love that made my […]

Not Yet

Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare come back. Please. I’m begging you. I’ve been doing well without you. Please. That sounds harsh, but don’t. Not this time. I’m still trying to find myself again. Why? Why do you always come when I’m most vulnerable? I was just starting to get comfortable in my own skin. […]