My lung feels like it’s about to collapse under the pressure as I finally push out the deadly excess carbon dioxide that’s been threatening my body all over. Once out, it lingers, knowing that its companions will be out soon from their short, hostile stay. Body sagging with relief, a throbbing sensation takes over, the […]

Brother in Law

A few months after assembling a collage of 64 years that danced the joys of her life on powerpoint, he got in the car with her family, just like at past Christmases, christenings, and funerals – but the beat was different. He sat alone in the backseat. The saguaro cactus waved goodbye as the desert […]

The Following May

The following May, after the clouds had gone and the sun’s sticky fingers held your face, you sat on the porch breathing and watching the morning. Yellow roses danced before you, triumphant in the desert garden with their neon contrast striking amongst the saguaro cactus. The following May, after the biting grip of winter against […]

Waiting Room

I sat motionlessly in the dark, grubby, dim, and lifeless room, gently tracing the rim of her emerald ring. The shine that it once gave off was no more; it portrayed nothing of the memory that I had of it. The sound was blurred and somehow seemed to have slowed down, and the only thing […]