Thriving Through Chains

Zhiyu Liu Five days out of a week, I wear red ties on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, blue ones on Tuesday and Thursday. 6:45 is the time I get up; 7:20 is the time I sprint to breakfast; from 8:05 to 2:20, I run through my daily classes; and back to my bed again at […]

Childhood Memories*

I remember coming home from school every day, watching my favourite Disney channel shows. I remember the paintings on my walls of different Disney cartoons. I remember getting stiches on my head, from the time I fell down the stairs in year 2. I remember the sweet smells of my mum’s perfumes, and trying them […]

A Perfect, Pale Blue*

My mother once told me that hearts open only when broken, And that truest courage is born from a coward’s battle cry. I did not recognise blood when my father’s lips ran like war, all Because my mother spoke in stuttering pinks and lullaby blues. Now these walls pray at night with their palms bent […]