Snowflakes of ashes

Red in front of my eyes Children – voices laughing one second, then bombs. The sirens echo All too late now Blood Bodies All just a packet of lost souls Fate? No. Humans, greedy humans Ignorance leads. Snowflakes of ashes are all that remain.


“Deyo, don’t go too far the field way too big for me to come look for you to come eat. When I call you, you must come. Now give me a kiss.” “Yes mummy Nyina now let me go,” Deyo replied and ran to his neighbour’s house. The sun burnt deeply into his skin through […]

The Injudicious Game

What choice can one have when one has no knowledge of the causes of it; no imagination for grotesque human cruelty; no recourse to justice in one’s lifetime? For the Igbos of South-eastern Nigeria war meant no choice. It was short, sharp and very nasty. It hit like a grenade, detonating everything, ha n’oge gara […]