Snowflakes of ashes

Red in front of my eyes Children – voices laughing one second, then bombs. The sirens echo All too late now Blood Bodies All just a packet of lost souls Fate? No. Humans, greedy humans Ignorance leads. Snowflakes of ashes are all that remain.

Our Baby

The rhythmic sound of our black combat boots colliding with the floor echoed onto the deserted streets. It was the only sound that could be heard. Not to forget the screeching of the bullets bursting out of our guns at incredible speed and the sound of bombs smacking into innocent people’s homes. All I wanted […]


17th June 1940. Rennes, Brittany. France falls. I’m demoralized. Unsettled expressions fill the atmosphere. The wails of the lost souls, as they intermingle with the bleeps of the life support machine. The walls have accumulated the echo of this unpleasant melody. My thoughts are alarmed. Rancid, once lively figures covered with sweat now fuse together […]