When the Shadows Turned to Wolves

Yicheng Teng The sun was still bright above the sky, and there was light piercing through the tall trees in the forest, but it was getting darker and darker. She was walking through the path in the forest, wearing an all red hood with a pointy, long hat behind her head. It cast a shadow […]

The Window

I have a small night light by my bed, but it fails to reach the darkest corners of my room, where the monsters stand and watch. I try to ignore the feeling of something watching me, but it never works, the feeling never goes away. Mum always closes my curtains before tucking me in for […]

The Day I Got My Soul Back

I gave my soul to the devil so that my wife could live again. My wife, so young and beautiful, dances around the house like she normally does and kisses me on the cheek before she goes to work. Everything is normal. When I gave my soul away, I forfeited my ability to feel any […]