Farewell My Dear

The church bells chimed at noon. You could easily notice a glint in the little boy’s eyes as he ran absent-mindedly down the corridor of his grandfather’s vast mansion.  The only one who lived there now was his Aunt Sihanna, his mother’s older sister. She was only 37 years of age, but she seemed much […]

Waiting Room

I sat motionlessly in the dark, grubby, dim, and lifeless room, gently tracing the rim of her emerald ring. The shine that it once gave off was no more; it portrayed nothing of the memory that I had of it. The sound was blurred and somehow seemed to have slowed down, and the only thing […]

One Last Talk

Tears descended down her face as her fingers danced over the gold lettering of her father’s tombstone. The words shone proud against the charcoal marble the same as her father had done in his life. “I’m sorry” she said, barely a whisper, her voice breaking through the eerie silence that had welcomed her from the […]